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Fashionable Fitness Tracking t500 Smart-watch

Flawlessly keep an eye on your Heart Rate, Monitor your health, Blood Pressure and look good in this luxury smartwatch.

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You have noticed it, haven't you?

That confidence in anyone who wears this “kind of” smartwatch. The way people look at them with respect and admiration.

They move with that elite “high class vibe”. It shows they have that sophistication others hustle for.

You too CAN have that same vibe & belong to THE class.

It’s not just a timepiece anymore… It’s lifestyle choice!

Here is the function of the smart watch




Apple Watch is a little expensive for me and I was looking for an alternative. I believe I made the right choice so far.
It has all the function I need, message and call notifications, calories log, heart rate. Bonus points for the additional features it has, like ring the tone to help find the phone.
I have been using it for 8 days and it has more than 90% left.
As the attached picture shows, the screen is big enough for me. I like the interface of the display.


I can’t believe all the features. I bought for call/text & time. I have now found myself using the step tracker and stop watch. I have been able to locate my misplaced cell phone, read my text and emails. Vibrates when my phone is on silent, great way to check messages in the movie theater or while with a client.


Extremely easy to pair with iphone 11. I purchased another cheaper brand and seems this one is more easier on setting & operate. Screen size is bigger as well. Fast notification when you receive incoming call or text/e-mail. It’s about 1 second delay only. I had 3 smart watches (all different brand) and seems this one has more clear/high index image on both phone’s app & watch. If I have to pick on one weakness that is the battery life seems not last longer as expect. Of course it depends on your usage if you have lots of incoming e-mails or text msg. I do not mind at all to plug-in and re-charge when battery get low. I love it and it’s really worth the money you pay for it. 5 Stars


We purchased this for my Mother in Law who was looking at the ‘fitbit’ version similar to this. I have had ZERO good luck with my fitbit, both with function and customer service at fitbit- so I was looking for the same features as their version for her –and this is a mere fraction of the price, in fact 1/3 of their price! We are beyond happy with this purchase so far. It was super to set up, my Mother in Law isn’t technology savvy so I got it all hooked up and ready to go for her, and to be honest, I am certain, even though she isn’t very savvy with this sort of thing, she could have done it easily. She works in catering and needing something that was splash-proof/waterproof and been using this a while now and has had zero issues, she mentioned she submerged it (accidentally) in the first week of using and it still works perfectly. While at work she is able to read any texts quickly without having to pull out her phone, it has been super convenient for her. She also has said the tracking of her steps/fitness/health stuff has worked well too. We are no longer name brand purchasers, this has proven to be as good, if not better than the similar name brand ones. 


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How To Activate Your Smartwatch

STEP 1: Unbox your smartwatch. 

STEP 2: Charge for at least 45 minutes before powering.

STEP 3: Click on the connect device icon in the smartwatch watch, then pair with your smartphone to enjoy. 


You’re one step away from getting a product that will make you more beautiful.


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